I came across a list of goals I had for a previous year and decided I liked it so much that I wanted them to be my goals again for 2019.  

I'm going to post this list on my bathroom mirror so I can see it every day.  I will put a check mark next to each goal every time I accomplish it (some may have more that one check mark at the end of the year).

  1. Pay better attention to the small things people do for me not just the big things. And to say "thank you" to those people.
  2. Cut Calories but not taste. Take a cooking class at the community college.
  3. Take more walks and participate in atleast one 5K walk for charity.
  4. Clean out and reorganize one drawer, area, or part of a closet in my house every month.
  5. Write a narrative history about at least 2 of my family members.
  6. Have a weekend get away with some girl friends
  7. Communicate more with my nieces & nephews, including sending them a personal note on their birthday
  8. Volunteer for the pioneer cemeteries in the area, researching, writing & documenting the "residents"
  9. Help someone discover the thrill of finding their ROOTS
  10. Regularly do something (what ever the need may be at the time) to give a hand up to someone in need, remembering how blessed I am and sharing what blessings I can.
  11. Tell the people in my life as often as I can that they are loved and appreciated.


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