52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

I'm starting a little late but I think this will be a great way for me to get on "paper" some of the stories I have in my head regarding my ancestors.  Isn't the point of doing genealogy to record what you have learned so that future generations can know more about the people who's genes make them who they are?

Week 1: Writing Prompt — First

I first became interest in learning more about my ancestors when I was 14 years old.   I was attending the funeral of my great grandfather, Ruby Monroe Perry, know to all his family as "Big Daddy".

I was named after Big Daddy.  My mother, Alma Jean (Wilson) Lane was the daughter of Big Daddy's oldest daughter, Leona Bernetty (Perry) Wilson.

My mother was very close to her grandfather.  She and my father (Bryan William "Bill" Lane) had decided to name me after him.  I was told that my parents were expecting me to be a boy and I would be called William (after my dad) Perry (after my gr. grandfather), but I surprised them so by changing the spelling of Big Daddy's surname from PERRY to PERI  and adding Ann (chosen by my dad) as my middle name, they were able to have a girl's name and still honor the two men.

As I sat at my gr. grandfather's funeral service listening to everyone talk about him it dawned on me what an honor it was to have been named after this man.  I had had the privilege of knowing him and spending time with him myself and remembered how kind and gentle he was to me.  He had bore four children, two girls and two boys.  But both of the boys had died without leaving any male heirs to carry on the PERRY surname.   It seemed to me that it was my responsibility to make sure that the PERRY family surname was remembered.

I remember going to my grandmother not long after we attended Big Daddy's funeral service and asking her to tell me about him.  I wanted to know everything!  Where was he born?  Who were his parents?  His siblings? When had he gotten married?  My grandmother seemed pleased that I was asking questions about the family history and she was eager to answer my questions.

So that was the beginning, Ruby Monroe PERRY was the very FIRST ancestor that I put on my family tree. 

Ruby Monroe Perry, "Big Daddy" had been born the 25th of February 1888 on a small ranch northeast of a small town called Ponotoc, Texas. He was the ninth and youngest child born to William Riley & LettieAnn Burnetty (Reid) Perry.

Ruby's mother died 28 December 1889, when he was just shy of two years old. Lettie was only 41 years old. Luckily Ruby had older siblings still living at home to care for him.  

In September of 1891 Ruby's father married Amanda Marshall. Amanda was a spinster of 43 and not fond of children.  So, in October of 1891, when Ruby's oldest brother, Hilliard, married Sarah Edwards, Ruby (still just a toddler) went to live with his brother and new wife.

Although I do not know of the exact timing I do know Ruby's older sister, Alice, married in December of 1893 to Ruben Stone.  In October 1896 their son, Horrace was born,  Horrace lived only a few short weeks.  He died 7 December 1896.  Not long after the death of her son Alice took into her home her brother, Ruby, who was about 9 years old and her younger sister, Theo Docia, who was about 19 years old.  Both of her siblings show up in the Stone household on the 1900 census for Mason county, Texas.  By 1910 Alice and Ruben had two more children born to them; Marie, born 1906 and Lurlene, born 1910 and Ruby (by this time 22 years old) had married his sweetheart, Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Alexander (They were married December 18, 1909 at Eldorado, Texas). Ruby and Bessie were living in Eldorado, Texas in 1900.

More on Ruby &  Bessie PERRY later.


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