Buried_History (buried_history) wrote,

1918-1919 Influenzia deaths

I have been doing some volunteer work for Portland Metro Pioneer Cemeteries office. My current task is to look up names on copies of death records (supplied by Friends of Multhnomah Cemetery who spent many hours in Salem, OR making copies) and determine the location in the cemetery where the person is buried. That way we can place a copy of the death record in the appropriate person's file.

As I have been working on this project I found something very interesting which got me to thinking.

There are many records for stillborn babies & prematurely born babies who died during the time period of 1918-1919. I came across a few (see sample below) which indicate that the cause of death was due to the mother suffering from influenzia.
I wonder if all the statics we read about the thousands who died in the US from the 1918-1919 epidemic include the stillborn and prematurely born babies who died? Also how many of the stillborn births were as a result of a mother having influenzia but a Doctor or corner did not indicate the mother's sickness on the death record of the infant?
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