February 11th, 2019

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Week 5 — At the Library

Week 5 prompt is "At the Library".   I'm going to expand this a bit to say "At the Research Library & Museum".  

A couple of weeks ago while working on my family tree (Ancestry.com) I came across a clue for an ancestor (William Howard Cloe) which had a photo of a quilt attached to it.  The description of the photo said Quilt owned by William Howard Cloe family.  It was buried in a lard can during the Civil War so it would not be destroyed.  According to Peggy Lewis of Oklahoma it is now in a museum in Jefferson City, Missouri.  This was posted by  Marilyn Thompson on 17 Feb 2013.

Quilt made by Mary Cloe circa 1855
Quilt made by Mary Cloe circa 1855

I decided to try to track down the quilt.

I contacted the museum in Jefferson City, Missouri and asked if they had this quilt in their collection.  They said they did not have it but suggested that I contact the Missouri Historical Library and Research Museum in St Louis.  I called there and spoke with a person who took the information about the quilt & family and my contact information and said they would pass it on to the museum curator.  The next day I received an email from Shannon Meyer Senior Curator, Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center.  Her email said:


We have a quilt in the collection, ca. 1855, made by Mary B. Hickey Cloe and donated by William H. Cloe, Jr. and Mrs. Woodson B. McComb. Does this sound like the right people?

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