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Vancouver, WA - Old City Cemetery

Vancouver, Washington's Old City Cemetery is the last resting place of many of the city's pioneers.

The city appointed Michael Wintler, G.W. Durgin and P. Buckley to search for a piece of ground for the purpose of a City Cemetery and finally purchasing ten acres of John Maney's Donation Land Claim, July I, 1867.

This cemetery is located between what was at that time10th (now Mill Plain Blvd.) and 13th Sts. and lies on a gentle slope originally part of the Fort Vancouver barracks.

The main gate to the cemetery is locked. You have to park on 13th Street and enter the cemetery from the northwest corner.

Old City's business office is managed by Park Hill Cemetery, located at:
5915 E. Mill Plain Blvd.
Vancouver, WA
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 45.6295, Longitude: -122.6412

There has been a lot of trouble with vandalism at this cemetery. 
I just don't understand this. What pleasure do people get from destroying the headstones of people whom they most  likely don't know. 

I heard a person once describe cemeteries as microcosms of our communities.  And she was right. If a person takes the time to look they will find that cemeteries are full of art, history, poetry and love. 

When I say love I'm referring to instances such as what I saw on a recent visit.  

from her grandson
I came across a head stone of a woman named Ruby Swiatek.  Her grandson had left some flowers and small pumpkins for Halloween.  On one of the pumpkins was written...
We (heart) you

Reminds me of this saying...

As long as we live in the hearts of those who loved us we never die.

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